If your a :
  • PR 
  • Someone who want me to test out your latest product.
  • A reader who would like to contact me.
  • Someone who is interested to advertise/sponsor in my blog. 
  • Someone who wants me to review Restaurant/Hotel/Tourism Experience. 



Please note:

GUEST BLOGGING/ADVERTISEMENTS: If your interested to work with me and want me to do a sponsored blog post or write an article on my blog then please free to email. Please note that I don’t do this for free. I accept payment through NEFT or else PayPal. Advertising on my site, to know the rates and size of the ad space you can email me to find out. 
TWEET/INSTAGRAM: I am a regular when it comes to tweeting and instagraming if your interesting to hire me for doing sponsored live tweeting and instagraming then I can do that.

TESTING OUT PRODUCTS SENT BY PR: And for reviewing products I do honest write up so please don’t expect me to blindly say good things when my readers can know the difference if the person is lying or not. Please note that I charge for doing PR product reviews since it takes my time and effort to work on each and every blog post of mine. 

MESSAGE FOR PR PEOPLE: Please note that I don’t post Press Releases on my site. If you want me to post a Press Release news article, I charge for that.

Secondly, for reviewing skin care items and other cosmetic products I need one to two weeks time to test them out and see the results. 

FOR EVENT INVITES: Please try sending me invites few days in advance rather then at the last moment. That way I can make time and plan accordingly to attend the event.

FOR PAYMENT TRANSFER: I own a Paypal account so I mostly accept payment through Paypal. NEFT is also possible. 

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