♥I Won A Kindle♥

What a CRAZY week this was! Few days back I received a call from IndiBlogger telling me that I had won 3rd prize for the Pantene Indiblogger Event Blog Post I did few weeks back! I was surprised, shocked and full of joy when I asked what the 3rd prize was and he replied back “Kindle” and everything slowed down! (。・_・。) 

I jumped with joy and couldn’t believe that first of all I won something?! and that too a Kindle!! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

And then I couldn’t hold this awesome news to myself and started (as usual) tweeting this awesome news and even mentioned it in facebook (╯◕_◕)╯. But that wasn’t the only surprise I got ´ ▽ ` )ノ. 
The next day after I received a courier from my dear friend Dhara from Amritsar, couriering me a heavy box full of things which were gift wrapped and I was wondering “Why would she send me all this?” and then I saw the card and read that it was from Kiran! A Love Package From The U.K! Seriously, I felt like it was my Birthday, Diwali, Christmas feeling all in one! (。♥‿♥。)

and then after on 12th November 2012 the more Teas I ordered online arrived and after that the Kindle arrived in the mail AND the SKIN FOOD B B Cream samples (for myself) I had ordered from ebay arrived in the mail as well (≧◡≦). Again the feeling of Birthday, Diwali, Christmas feeling all in one feeling!

I am so happy with my Kindle! I always wanted one and now I won a kindle is a different feeling all together. Its a 4th Generation Kindle with the latest software updated version and I am already filling it with Vampire Romance Novels (cause that’s my guilty pleasure read he he) plus Horror, Contemporary Literature and Fiction Novels, Young Adult plus Fantasy Novels (─‿‿─). And OH MY GOD its like a Library in your pocket(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

I have already asked my dear friend to order a Kindle Cover from Ebay India for me. I really like the Kindle Covers in Etsy but right now I am saving for a camera and that’s why my budget for spending is very tight.  Luckily my Dad agreed to buy me the cover so I am glad my savings for the camera won’t be affected *touch wood*. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

Today is Diwali and I am in my PJ’s (lol). Me and my Dad usually don’t socialize much and that’s why we don’t get invited to Diwali Parties and we don’t party that much so we are chilling at home. I’m asthmatic so I lock myself in my room during Diwali night. I am really excited for Christmas! That is the holiday which I am really looking forward to ^_^. 

Wishing You All a Very Happy Diwali! Please be safe and eat loads of Indian Sweets and Indian food! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

x o,


  1. You've such an amazing few days! Lots of lovely goodies, you work so hard on your blog so you realy deserve that kindle! I can just imagine you and your dad chilling in your house surrounding by sparkling lights, both of you drinking tea and eating Diwali sweets, your dad watching TV and you reading your kindle! Have a fab day! xx

  2. congrats Bharti…I also won a kindle a while back…and loving it!!! I am sure you will love it too :D and, don't forget to download all the free kindle ebooks on amazon :D there are some pretty good ones…do check out insight series by jamie magee.

  3. Congratulations, Happy Diwali!!! good for you. While you are saving for your camera, all the presents keep rolling in. good for you and hope you are getting closer and closer to getting your cam :) tc

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