♥Mink Blanket!♥

So, I finally got myself a mink blanket. Now you must be wondering “Why is she blogging over a silly thing as a blanket?” well.. I DON’T CARE! lol.

So desi of me to own a mink blanket lol.

I Googled mink blankets and hardly any one talks about them so I thought that they do deserve some attention for how awesome they are! These are available everywhere and the one I got is from JAPAN KING (Never heard of this brand before). A triple ply single bed (a girl without a lover) mink blanket for Rs.1,200/-. Delhi winter is has finally started with loads of chill in the air! This blanket feels so soft and cozy. Sadly, the shop from where I bought it for did not have choices of designs so I settled for a flower pattern blanket. 

So, are you in love with your blanket?

x o,
B h a r t i


  1. Haha these are the ugliest blankets but they are SO WARM. I had one which completely saved me when I was living in a wind-beaten barsati in Gurgaon. Wish they came in better designs but wow are they effective! :)

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