♥My Current Skin Care Routine♥

I haven’t done an updated skin care routine in a long time now so thought why not now? Since winter has started here and slowly its going to get colder and colder so the skin is reacting and mine is feeling dry and needs some moisture kick in. These are mostly drugstore products which my pocket can afford at the moment. For my skin care is very important. If your reading this then that means its important for you as wel. but please remember that what may have worked for me may not work for you since everyone’s skin is different.

CLARIWASH: Few months back I had a major breakouts on my chin and nose that I freaked out and went to the dermatologist and he recommended me this face wash along with other stuff and I continued using this face wash because I noticed that it didn’t make my face feel dry after a wash. I use this morning and night to freshen my face. But this doesn’t remove make up.

NEUTROGENA’s Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub: I just bought this randomly cause I needed a face scrub. I really like the scent of this product. Can’t explain the scent, you have to smell it for yourself and see if you like it or not. I don’t use this daily. More like once a week or so. I usually mix this scrub with a little bit of my face wash and do a gentle massage on my face. Specially my nose and chin I focus more on that. I haven’t really checked if it REALLY removes the blackheads since I am not worried about that subject at the moment lol. Its a good face scrub for scrubbing purpose is all I can say about this one.
LOREAL GO 360 CLEAN Deep Facial Cleanser for SENSITIVE SKIN: I bought this from HERE. I even did a full on review about this one HERE. I only use this for removing my make up. It removes my liquid foundation, blush, water proof mascara, matte lipsticks! Plus, its pocket friendly for a make up remover cleanser if you look at it in that way.  
LOTUS HERBALS – WHITE GLOW – SPF 25 PA +++ : I did a review of this one HERE. This must be my 3rd or 4th bottle. Its one of my favorite face moisturizer for day time but the only con I have with this one is that it finishes up so soon! I like to mix a little bit of this with my liquid foundation for a smooth application. 
AVON’s Solutions Youth Minerals Energizing Cream SPF 20 : I thought I would do a full on review of this in a separate post but then I changed my mind. I’ll do a short review here. I received this when I attended the Avon’s Blogger Meet Event few months back.  This is my first time trying out Avon’s skin care related product. I find this to be a very light – non sticky moisturizer. But for me I found that after applying this on my face I still felt the need to apply moisturizer after an hour or so. Specially on my cheek area which is super dry. So this would suit those who have oily skin who doesn’t need that much of moisture but not for dry skin type. 
THE BODY SHOP Vitamin E Night Cream : This is my all time favorite night cream. Yes, its expensive but I haven’t found a night cream better then this one for now. Its a very thick  night cream so its great for super dry skin types. When I wake up in the morning I find my face plump and moisturized goodness of beauty sleep result. Sadly this is about to finish and right now I can’t afford to repurchase this one at the moment. 
LOREAL Pearl Perfect Night Cream : I won this when I participated in Suna‘s giveaway. Its a very light night cream which the skin absorbs quickly and when I wake up in the morning I find a glow on my face. I haven’t noticed any ‘fairness’ with this maybe because I don’t care that much for fairness but I like that it gives my face the ‘glow’ in the morning. But its not a strong moisturizer that my face needs at night time. But I am glad that I got the chance to try this product out. 
LAKME DEEP PORE CLEANSER : I decided to add a ‘milk cleanser’ into my skin care regime. So I picked this up because what better way but to start off with drug store brands to see the difference in the future! After I wash my face, I massage my face with little bit of this all over my face and neck. I keep a lukewarm water near my side which I heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds and I clean off my face by dipping the cotton balls in the lukewarm water and then gently from neck I start removing the milk cleanser from my neck and face. Then I pat it dry with my face towel and then I apply my moisturizer. I have noticed an instant result of full on moisture on my face which before I had felt the need of applying more moisturizer! I don’t know if its the brand of this milk cleanser or the use of milk cleanser but I am loving it! :D 

Do comment down below of your skin care! Would love to know ^_^.

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  1. Same pinch about the Vitamin E Night cream and the Lakme deep pore cleanser. Got to try out the Neutrogena and the L'oreal Cleanser.hey, if you can't get the TBS Night Cream, give the Elovera cream a try. I can really bet you won't be disappointed if not happier actually.( Thank me later :P)

  2. Wow, you're using all those things every evening? öÖ They seem to be so many. ^^I use ~5 different product – most of them containing camille, because I doesn't hurt your eyes and it's good against inflamation of the skin =)

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