♥My First KAYA SKIN CLINIC Experience♥

In India the brand called KAYA SKIN CLINIC is everywhere! Their branches is spread out everywhere and all you need to do is Google the nearest one near you and go experience their service. Its a huge brand name where the advertisements are in T.V, Internet, Newspapers and Magazines! And their skin care line is available in Malls and other big Super Markets with a price range which is not for everyone’s pocket including myself. I usually don’t like to go to salons because they try to sell me their stuff, some salons even try to get too friendly by asking personal questions and try to be friends. 
I usually like to get what I have come for and be done with it, pay the bill and leave. Plus, reviews also matter. And talking about reviews, this brand has some bad reviews from many people as well. I Google them awhile back and found this HERE.
Few months back my Dad got himself a credit card from this bank called KOTAK BANK and when he received it in the mail. There were two vouchers of Rs.2000/- (36$) (exclusive of taxes) each of this complimentary facial called Everyday Radiance.
So my Dad handed me the vouchers since he is not really into facials (cause he never got one lol) so I kind of kept it aside for later. 

It said that I have to book an appointment for my facial so I did that for 3pm yesterday. They even call in in advance to remind that I have an appointment with them and to confirm if I would be available to make it for that appointment or else they can always reschedule it.
So I got myself an appointment and went there. Oh Boy, it has been a long time that I stepped into a fancy salon. Usually I try to find my local home type parlors cause I know they would be pocket friendly for me. Mostly for Eye Brow Threading and Upper Lip Threading I go to the parlors. For skin care and hair care related I usually do all that by myself at home but cause of this voucher I went to Kaya Skin Clinic
It a very fancy professional place. The staff wearing their uniforms. The woman asked me my name and then she told me to have a seat and wait for 5mins. They made me fill in the form in which it asked for my name, sex, age, skin type, phone number, allergies, any medication I am in and how many times I like to visit the parlors etc etc. 
After that I handed the voucher to the them and then they escorted me to their facial room. They locked my belongings in front of me like my purse and a shawl which I was wearing that time and handed me the keys. And then the lady asked me to lie down on the facial bed and asked if I wanted to be covered with a blanket if I am feeling cold but I said no its it wasn’t that cold that time. 
The lady was wearing a mask and she was telling me what all she is doing step by step for example she said “I am sanitizing my hands right now.” “Now I will be cleansing your face. Please do tell if you feel uncomfortable.” “I will now do light scrubbing since your face is acne prone.” etc etc. Which is nice to know what she is doing step by step. 
Funny thing was that she suggested laser hair removal for my forehead. When I heard that I felt like laughing cause that is least of my problem. I am not bothered with facial hair on my forehead lol. I don’t even get that part threaded. So just for curiosity sake I asked how much that would cost? And she said some where between 16-17 thousand rupees which has few sessions. Inside my mind I was laughing at the ridiculous price tag for a forehead removal which she suggested for me. I just nodded saying I will keep that in mind if I ever want to get that thing done. (If I go mental that is!) 
Then she used a machine like gadget which has these a pipe like plastic thing which felt like a vacuum cleaner for my skin pores. She told me that it was sucking all the dead skin cells from my face. All the technical stuff she told me about the machine, I forgot. So I can explain it here. 
After she did that, she started massaging my face with a thick gel like cream for 5-10mins I am guessing. She massaged my face very nicely. 
After that she applied some acne serum all over my face and let that dry and then she applied a very thick creamy mask all over my face and neck area. She said that since my skin type is ache prone she picked the peeling mask. And it wasn’t one of those kind of peeling mask which would hurt when taking it off. The mask simply, smoothly got removed without pulling my skin off. 
And then it was over. 
Went to the billing counter and the lady at the reception desk asked “Would you like to pay by cash or card?” and I was like “huh…?” then the other lady said here is the voucher and in the end no drama, nice facial experience I got from Kaya Skin Clinic for FREE! :D

Well, it depends since everyone’s pocket is different. For my pocket wise I would never pay that much for a facial. Usually what I like to do is get Face Cleaning for myself that too 4-5 times a year that too it depends on the mood and the budget wise.

And other thing, the Kaya Skin Clinic never asked me if I wanted a glass of water or tea. Whats wrong with the world today? And their skin doctor was busy so did not get the chance to show myself to her. But one thing for sure, Kaya Skin Clinic is a Clinic and not a Spa.

And about the EVERYDAY RADIANCE FACIAL that I got done from them. I don’t see a huge difference , its just that my face looks cleaner then before and little bit moisturized. Nothing like a wow feeling. Cause if I look at it in a different way of me paying 2K for this facial then I would be dissapointed since I would be having bigger expectations I guess. But since I got this done for FREE, I am happy with the pamper session. But seriously I would never pay that much for a facial lol.

How was your experience at Kaya Skin Clinic? And what facial would you recommend for anyone who is interested? ^_^

x o,


  1. 2000!! and 18,000 to remove forehead hair…..FOREHEAD HAIR!!! good lord!!! do they want to make you bald? hahahha lol it's crazy how materialistic and money minded businesses have started to become. ugggh. lol i loved your account of it though :)

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  3. Juhi

    Kaya skin clinic is a worst skin clinic… If u love ur skin pls never ever go to kaya.. They have well trained staff in deceiving people n there treatments ll leave ur skin dull in few months.

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