♥ BOURJOIS – Healthy Mix Concealer ♥

Healthy Mix Concealer
Shade 53

Price : Rs.530/- for 10 ml product

Moisturising Formula.
Oil Free.
Dermatologically Tested.


The concealer comes in a tube, plastic container. I find the packaging to be cute and simple plus practical. Comes in a squeeze tube and its clear so you would know how much the product is left. And I find that its very travel friendly.
Priced at Rs.530/- for 10 ml of product, I think its in the range of not too cheap but not too expensive either. Because these days you don’t usually get 10 ml of product in concealers from other brands even if they are cheaper or more expensive.
When I went to the store, they had only two shades available in testers and frankly speaking, both the shades looked the same to me so it all depends on luck if its available in your shade or not. I am guessing that people might struggle to find a matching shade in this and its a shame that BOURJOIS is not catering to people  with more diverse colors. Even for me who is in the ‘fair’ category as an Indian I have yellow undertones and still I have to be careful of how much I apply and blend it properly and do the matching shade foundation on my neck as well so that my whole face looks proper and doesn’t look miss matched. 
When it comes to liquid concealers, they tend to get quite runny/watery and doesn’t give out proper coverage and might end up making you look like a ghost by giving out a grey – ish finish look but with this Healthy Mix Concealer as you can see from the picture above with the swatch its quite opaque. That means it will give nice coverage. 
As you can see from the photo above in the “after” photo that it gives out a very matte finish even though its comes in a cream form. Great thing about this concealer is that it doesn’t give out a grey-ish cast. Its a light to medium coverage and feels very light on the skin. With this, you have to blend it nicely and quickly or else it dries out fast and if not blended well, it might make you look like a ghost. What I usually like to do is apply this concealer with my fingers and dab it very lightly and blend it gently. Its gives a very light to medium coverage but it is very build-able  if you want more coverage.  
First I need to apply some sort of moisturizing cream or an eye cream under my eye before applying this concealer on because since it gives out a very matte finish look, it can be a little bit drying. Since its the winter season, it stays on for more then 6 hrs and even if it fades out a little bit, it doesn’t end up giving a patchy look.  
Now I usually have bags under my eye but I don’t have dark circles that much so I can’t really say how it would work for dark circles. But in the end I really like this concealer from BOURJOIS and I find that its a nice light liquid concealer for daily wear and gives out a very natural look to the whole face. 
Another thing is that they don’t test on animals and just like how LOREAL is the pimp of big brands like  LANCOME, REVLON, Maybelline, Garnier etc, BOURJOIS is the pimp of CHANNEL cosmetics so the quality that it offers is really good. 
And I think that in the end oily skin type folks might like this. For super dry skin, I am guessing they might like it as well. It all depends person to person. 
Thank You for reading,
x o,
B h a r t i


  1. Ive heard such good things about the healthy mix foundations and concealers and your pics def prove the point! It looks really good…covers well and gives you a natural finish :-)

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