♥Bourjois Mini Haul!♥

I have been trying out some BB Cream samples and I really wanted to buy some full size BB Cream for myself and at the same time wanted to try out the very famous Healthy Mix Foundation by Bourjois. And then I wanted a Bourjois Blush on top of that! So in the end I figured that I can buy BB Cream later and for now settle for two Bourjois blushes but ended up buying one blush and one Healthy Mix concealer

Thanks to Cynthia Z’s blog post on Nars Orgasm Dupe post that I got myself the #33 LILAS D’OR (Rs.575/- {10.58$}) and I couldn’t make up my mind with so many lovely Bourjois Paris blush color choices that in the end I decided to get the Healthy Mix Concealer (Rs.530/- {9.75$}) cause I really needed a light liquid concealer for everyday wear plus calming damn my craving for the Healthy Mix Foundation which is still in my wishlist. 
Btw, I was really in a hurry so in the end I forgotten to ask the Bourjois Paris SA to give me a foundation sample :(. Next time I will make sure to ask lol. GOD, these days even a 1000 Rupees is not enough for a good shopping experience! Everything so expensive O_O.  I really need new clothes, a BB Cream and more make up and I want to do a good International Giveaway for my blog all at.the.same.time! But I need to be patient and focus on more important things like………………………………….make up, clothes, giveaway planning, BB Creams #@$@$!!!^*%$!……OKAY OKAY, I CAN’T FOCUS AT ALL! lol. 

Btw, what’s your favorite Bourjois Paris product? 

x o,
B h a r t i


  1. I love Bourjois! People barely buy from there but it's such a nice brand! I recently bought the Healthy Mix Foundation & it's really nice :) Stays for long also!Want to buy the same blush as above but I really don't know how to use blush. Waiting for a review from you now :)

    • Planning to buy the Healthy Mix Foundation next week end cause I am dying to try that out after hearing so many good reviews and now even your saying that your loving it lol. And blushes are super easy to use! All you need is a blush brush and a mirror lol.

  2. That Bourjois blush is high up on my list too! I've heard such great things. And you MUST MUST get the Healthy Mix Foundation, it's amazing! I have the serum version waiting for me at home, can't wait to get it and try it over Christmas! :D

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