♥ FOTD + Christmas Clothing Haul ♥

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer
Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner 
SKIN FOOD Aloe BB cream
E.L.F Studio Blush in Peachy Keen
MAC matte lipstick in So Chaud 

This is like my naughty Christmas look if you think about it lol. As if I am have been a ‘good girl’ this Christmas? Oh no, I know I know I have been very naughty and specially with spending and now I present you my clothing haul! :D
First thing first, the jeans or in other words JEGGINGS lol. I ended up buying three pairs of it from this brand called KRAUS. And I swear, you can never have enough of black pants (or at least for myself lol) and I loved the fitting of these. The black one was for Rs.1295/- and navy blue for Rs.1350/- and purple for Rs.1350/- 
A long with that I tried out many many shoes and this particular shoe shop was very very weird! They had great designs but all in one size and not like many sizes in one particular style so the guy was trying to sell me a shoe which was 1 sizes big on me which wasn’t even comfortable. 
Then I went to Marks & Spencer shop and bought one men’s sweater for Rs.1199/- for myself because the women’s one was short in length. I wanted something long and comfortable, more like a lounge wear type. Its a very dark navy blue color which almost looks black but it isn’t black. And a 2 pack set bras for Rs.1523/- The bras was like an indulge buy because seriously I already have so many but I couldn’t resist so in the end a guilty buy which I know I could have lived without more of these but hey new bras are always good for our own personal satisfaction :D. 
Wishing you all Happy Holidays! My Christmas dinner will be Shin Korean Noodles and visit to the Church later tonight at 12 am for mid night mass ^_^. 
x o,
B h a r t i  


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