♥Hauled – Beer Shampoo along with other things♥

Few days back I went to NewU store in Center Stage Mall hoping that they would have the Park Avenue Beer Shampoo but they had no clue of what I was talking about lol. Then a beauty blogger told me that she bought it from the Spice Mall NewU store so this time I went there and I finally got one for myself along with other things. 

I got myself some face wipes for those ‘too tired but gotta remove make up’ days. I have never used this brand of face wipes before so lets see. Bought Women’s razor cause I decided to try the shaving thing cause of my laziness lol. And BEER SHAMPOO! 
Oh my god, what a day today was. I went to the gym and after 1hr of work out I went straight for swimming and after that, I was planning to use this shampoo for the first time. So when I took my stuff to the shower room and then I remembered that I left the shampoo in my gym bag. I asked the lady who was in-charge of the ladies locker room to find the yellow bottle in my gym bag and bring it to me. I felt so awkward because what I asked her to bring, since it looks like an alcoholic bottle (BEER!) to bring it in the shower room as if I am in the mood to get drunk while showering LOL! 
Plus, I bought some thermal wear tops cause all you need is thermal wear then you won’t need the need to wear more layers of clothing to stay warm. This is currently from my favorite brand called BodyCare which is MADE IN INDIA (Dehradun) thermal wear. This one in the pic is jet black color but the camera is making it look dark grey which is not. Rs.545/- for long sleeves.
Bought some sauces as well for making at home sandwiches etc. I haven’t tried these yet but since I love SUBWAY so so so so so much! I am planning to collect the important ingredients needed for sandwiches and try making my own version of it at home lol. Really loved the taste of the Barbecue Sauce and the Thousand Island sauce. Rs.85/- each :D.
LOVE these chicken stock cubes which is very important for when I cook anything non veg, these are like my must haves for non veg dishes :D.

If anyone of you wondering how much the PARK AVENUE – Beer Shampoo cost then its priced at Rs.160/- 200ml which comes in a plastic bottle.

That’s all for now, until next time…

x o,
B h a r t i


  1. oh they relaunched the shampoo in a new bottle. lol I was just laughing at the fix when you had to ask to get the bottle lol you are so funny!!!The beer shampoo used to dry out my hair, like really really dry it out but i used to use it like seven years ago.cute packaging though.even i love having sauces, since you recommend them I will check out the thousand island one, never knew they had LIte versions!!oh, dear, don't you get tired working out so much?I do and i got so fatigued that now I haven't gone to the gym in few days, it sucks…what do you do for energy for your workouts, am so slumped!!!

    • wow, I had no idea they had launched this awhile back as well? If they are bring this back like this that means they might have changed the formula as well? Maybe you can be the judge of that? :p. Oh, don't forget the barbecue sauce as well :D. And no, I am not a work out crazy lady yet lol. I just get it started few days back and I don't go for work out everyday. For now twice or thrice a week for now and only to get my stamina back since I am not even seriously dieting lol. I just try to tell myself that 'Bharti don't be lazy!! You can do this!' lol.

    • The Park Avenue beer shampoo used to be available really long ago too but not in this new beer bottle avatar. Yes, they must have changed the formulation for sure because I remember using it a really long time ago. And then it disappeared from the markets just like that. it used to lather very well in those days.WIll try it out soon :)True, you know, I worked out hard for six months and in six months I lost quite a lot of weight, it made me happy and I had stamina too but then I went mad and over did it and now i am taking a big long break, take it easier like you are doing now. It's more about gaining stamina, the rest of the benefits follow. I couldn't find these sauces where I went today so I got another one with jalapenos in it, but it's not lite. will keep searching :)

  2. Ahh your post is tempting me to go to NewU and shop :D Very funny incident btw, I really wonder what the lady thought :D. Can't wait for the beer shampoo review :)

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