♥I went shit crazy and bought some stuff♥

So yeah, as you can see from the blog post’s tittle above I kind of went totally SHIT CRAZY like any normal woman would be during her ‘that time of month’ with a big pause for a ‘proper shopping experience’ cause of the ‘whole saving money for the camera thing‘ which got over few weeks back, THANK GOD TO THAT! I have been craving for few stuff for the last couple of months so I kind of went all ‘practical’ with what I REALLY needed rather then go for more make up for now lol. 

When I go for a proper shopping, I like to go all alone because I need to first check out ALL THE STORES and then decide on what I am going to buy and for that I need to be alone. I can never get tired of window shopping LOL. 
These are the stuff that I purchased and holy shit after a long time I spent so much in one day O_O. First thing I did was try to find SKULL CANDY head phones but then in the end I decided to go for the SENNHEISER brand since I know how good they are as well. I picked the HD 202 SENNHEISER which was for Rs.2290/- (and its funny that I wouldn’t hesitate that much to spend that much on cosmetics but when it comes to shoes, clothes and other practical related stuff then I think 10 times? I really need to work on that.)  
And then I needed gyming shoes since the one that I had got ruined last year because I left it near my heater and by the time in the morning I woke up, I found one shoe slightly melted in such a way that when I tried it on to see if its still possible to use them, it sadly wasn’t comfortable as it used to be so now its one of my dog’s many ruined shoe toy collection now LOL. My all time favorite brand in shoes is NIKE. So I picked the most simplest and affordable in my budget range for now which were these for Rs.1995/- 
I went to Marks & Spencer because I had this gift card of Rs.500/- which I wanted to spend and ended up buying this Men’s perfume for myself because I loved how it smelled on me. Its called HOMME which is an  Eau De Toilette perfume. Priced at Rs.599/- for 30ml Bottle. I am not usually into men’s perfumes but sometimes you find this really good one which makes you end up buying one :D. This scent is very unique in the sense that it smells different on me and different on my Dad who tried it and loved it. A very unisex scent. When I smell this, an image of 6 foot tall handsome Irishman wearing kilt stands in front of me and of scene of Scotland’s greenery pops in my head. I know, I am weird and this is how I want my dream man to smell like LOL.  
And then I went to THE BODY SHOP to check out their Christmas collection and ended up buying these two lip balms. These are priced at Rs.400/- each and till 15th Dec 2012 they will be having the 15% discount so in the end I payed something with in Rs.700/- for these two babies. Red one is Cranberry Joy lip balm and the white one is Vanilla Gourmande/ Vanilla Bliss which has very fine sparkles which I am loving it! I am loving both of them. So fun and super cute design. A MUST HAVE if you ask me since they are limited edition, I would suggest to buy it soon ^_^.
And that’s all for now. Thank you for reading this huge write up of mine lol. Please do comment down below and share your thoughts ^_^. 
x o,
B h a r t i 


  1. nice haul :Dn the lip balms r so cute na :P im loving th vanilla one a lottt ,… :D did u check out the ginger one ? the store i went to, didnt have them.. how was it?

  2. Omg I have Sennheiser too and I was going to pick up the same shoes yesterday but chose Puma instead and I went to TBS today to looking for the Christmas edition but it want available:( This is a total coincidence :D

    • I was thinking about Puma but then NIKE is #1 for me when it comes to style, quality and brand name for sports shoes related but hate the huge price tag LOL. Its good to know that we use same brand of headphones now haha. ♥

  3. lol omg someone needs to take away all your money and card when you know..its that time lol But you got some awesome stuff! When you said you bought senheisers I thought you meant the in-ear ones not these big all ones! I'm so jel, I bet they are amazing!! I saw those lip balms in my local too…the round dome shape totally reminded me of EOS. Good shopping day! :-)

    • Haha, I know!! I am seriously considering to do that lol. Omg these headphones are the bomb! Totally worth the money for the awesome sound quality you get with these. And seriously you MUST get these ASAP! Totally awesome fun lip balms :D.

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