♥ REVLON Color Silk in 5G Light Golden Brown ♥

Hair Color 
COLOR SILK - 5G Light Golden Brown
Price : Rs.320/-
I purchased this hair color from an Indian online store because there was hardly any color options near the market where I live. 99% women of this country go for Dark Browns to Black when it comes to hair coloring. In my mind, I had an image of light brown color. I have been thinking to go for a light brown color since more then 6 months or so but my pocket was tight back then cause I was busy saving up for the camera that now in the end I decided to finally just do it! 

So in the end I had I Googled and with loads of research I ended up deciding on this Light Golden Brown color by REVLON thinking since my hair is naturally super dark so the exact color won’t show but at least it will be little bit lighter as I want it to be. In case you are wondering, I purchased this from here.
In the box usually you get these as shown in the above picture plus on top of that there was a free gift which is currently being offered by the REVLON ColorSilk range. I followed the instruction and left it in my hair for 45mins. And then I rinsed it with warm water and used the color conditioner which was provided in the color box.
The before and after photos.
As you can see its light golden brown color and the lighting was weird outside so the sun which is hitting on my head shows the color and the shadow part doesn’t show the color but the coloring is all even. Since my hair has grown long, I think 1 box wasn’t enough but I think I won’t be repurchasing this color any time soon since I get bored easily and my eye is on other hair colors which I want to try next ^_^. 
By the way my hair is not styled in the after photo so it looks flat. I will upload a better photo next time here when I get the chance to. This is not my first time trying out REVLON ColorSilk hair colors. I like how its not too cheap at the same time not too expensive so experimenting kind of makes it easy and its one of my favorite drug store hair color brands to try out. I like how it doesn’t leave my hair all dry and doesn’t annoy my skin. Nice shine as well. Right now I don’t know if I hate the color or I love it but I am liking it for sure.
Surprisingly, this hair color is making my skin tone 1 shade lighter in color. Interesting thing now would be which shade of lip stick would look good with this hair color :D.  
♥ ♥ ♥
UPDATE: So, I finally got some time to click proper pics with make up on! Its very interesting that in different lightings the color looks dark to light to dark. As I said that my hair has grown longer so one box wasn’t enough so the coloring is uneven but I still like it how it is for now ^_^. In case your wondering whats on my lips? I am wearing MAC’s RUBY WOO matte lipstick mixed with REVLON’s GRAPE lipstick and then I blot it so that it gives a complete matte finish look. I am currently obsessed with KAT DENNINGS and her red lipstick obsession lol. 
So what do you think? <_ p="p">
Thank You for reading,
x o,
B h a r t i


  1. it looks gorgeous! You did ngood picking a really light shade. I have to admit when I first saw the box I was kinda like woah thats light! But seeing how the colour actually set on your hair…it looks great! I would even go as far to say you could go even lighter next time! Dam n you have such sexy hair!! Please give it to me! lol

  2. Riku

    I tried this on my black hair and it did not work out!
    Only got a slight brown tint at the roots.
    My hair is curly and had never been coloured before this. Any idea why it didn’t work?

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