♥The Body Shop – Special Christmas Event♥

Few days back, I received an invite for The Body Shop Special Christmas Event held for invited bloggers. This event was held at The Body Shop located at Connaught Place – M Block side. The event started at 12:30pm. 

I LOVE THE BODY SHOP! The brand and what it stands for and their great taste in their packaging and everything related to the brand. I remember when it first came to India and I was wowed by how the whole shop looked so pretty with their colorful variety of product displayed. It was just breathtakingly beautiful! :D And now after 3-4 years later here I am blogging about the brand and how its still has a little place in my heart for this brand. Yeah, I am totally going all emotional with this cause seriously I am a TBS ADDICT! lol.
At The Body Shop, they believe true beauty comes from the heart, for them beauty is much more than as pretty face. It’s about feeling good and doing good too. 
They make their products with love and care. They source some of the finest raw ingredients from the four corners of the glove. They harness the skills of artisan farmers and add their expertise to create effective products that are wonderful to use. 
They trade fairly so communities benefit as well as you. They never test on animals, and all their products are 100% vegetarian. They campaign with passion on issues close to our heart, because activism is in their blood. 
They always keep people, animals and the planet in mind. So when you shop with them, you are choosing Beauty With Heart.
Christmas Special – Editions Goodies from The Body Shop :
This Christmas, The Body Shop introduces special – edition bath & body collections to indulge all your favorite people with pampering gifts that are more luxurious, more beautifully fragrant and are bursting with the scents of the season. 
It’s time to evoke memories of delicious holiday treats with the zingy aroma of Ginger Sparkle, indulge Vanilla Bliss, and Cranberry Joy which is their festive – fruity favorites. All the products have gorgeous new gourmand fragrance and a luxe make – over to look decadently festive. 
Finding their fabulous spot-on gifts is oh-so easy with three seasonal collections featuring an extensive line-up of bath & body fragrance. Products including some exciting new goodies, like the shimmering lotions and brand new lip domes for all-over lip application.
When you enter the Connaught Place The Body Shop store, you will notice this pretty decor done by the TBS people. Very Christmas like feeling you get.
Really enjoyed going through the make-up section. Tried out their BB Cream which I find it very interesting. 
I really find these TBS tin gifting sets very pretty looking. 
♥   ♥   ♥
  Christmas Special-Editions from The Body Shop Price List :

Body Butter (200 ml) – Rs.1095/-
Shower Gel (250 ml)  – Rs.545/-
Body Polish (200 ml) – Rs.695/-
Shimmer Lotion (250 ml) – Rs.795/- 
Lip Balm (Dome) – Rs.400/-
Hand Cream (30 ml) – Rs.495/-
Hand Wash (240 ml) – Rs.695/-
Soap (100 gms) – Rs.275/-
♥   ♥   ♥
Would you look at all this pretty looking snacks to feast on? Really enjoyed eating all this lol. Really felt Christmas with the whole The Body Shop - Christmas Special edition products with all this Christmas Special Food! ^_^.
These lovely cute cup cakes stole the whole show of the food display. Plus, very yummy as well :D. 
♥   ♥   ♥
New perfumes! They all smell amazing. I really liked the scent of the jasmine one. 
I am a Vanilla girl and I tend to get attracted to perfumes which has a hint of vanilla in them and when it comes to The Body Shop, my all time favorite perfume was the Vanilla one which got discontinued long time back but I still kept the bottle with me still because perfumes carry memories.  And now they have brought back the Vanilla scent, I might just get this one, one day :D. 
And then, they made us write on a piece of paper – our name, contact number and email address with what we wanted as a gift from TBS and they will randomly pick one and that person will get what they have wished for. Its super cool and it feels like a TBS Santa Clause lol.
There was also a really fun photo session which happened there. The professional photographer clicked pictures of us and printed it for us to take back home and this pic you see right there is me doing my awkward weird pose whole my stupid bangs trying to block one of my eye lol. But the best part about this pic of mine is my camera! Looking so handsome by my side and yes, my camera is a male and my whole romance life is passing by my camera lol. 
When I reached home with the goody bag, I quickly took out my camera and started clicking pictures of it. Received three full sizes of Ginger Sparkle, Vanilla Bliss and Cranberry Joy body butters. BEST.CHRISTMAS.GIFT.EVER! +_+ 
Over all, The Body Shop event was really fun and the food was great along with, met few blogger friends and chit chatted a little bit. Tried loads of TBS tester products and shared our view on which ones we liked and which one we did not. Plus, the people who work for The Body Shop really put their efforts into every detail! Even received a stocking stuffer from TBS and a Christmas Ornament! 
How freakin’ adorable is that? :D
Thank You The Body Shop people for inviting me, will never forget it ^_^. 
x o,
B h a r t i


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