Hi Everyone! Its been more then two months now that I haven’t done a giveaway in a long time here. I had planned something else for my next International Giveaway by ordering something from an online store but sadly it still hasn’t arrived yet. So, once that arrives then I will add that in my next international giveaway. After all the thinking in the end I have decided to gift one lucky winner this pretty ‘New Look Balmoral Bow Cross Body Bag‘ from the ASOS site because:
A) The bag is super cute! 
B) This comes with in my budget to gift this to one lucky person. 

This is my way of saying THANK YOU for sticking around with me and coming back here again to spend your valuable time here. For even caring to subscribe and be here to support my blog and like what I like. 

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Please Note that fake entries won’t be allowed. Fake entries have no chance of winning. This giveaway is not sponsored. This giveaway ends on 16th February 2013. Winner will be announced after few days later after 16th. The prize will be shipped to the winner’s address directly from the site. 


  1. I was standing at one side, at a party one day. This dude comes, drops a cube of ice in front of me, looks at me and smiles and says – "Now that the ice is broken, can I talk to you?"Cheesiest. Line. Ever.

  2. Funny incident? Mostly I did something stupid with my word. As example I said to my sister to put my clothes that she borrowed back in refrigerator instead in my wardrobe because my mom just ask me to put the veggies she buy to the refrigerator! XD

  3. My sister teaches yoga, my one year old nephew when he saw her lying on the floor doing yogic poses thought she had fallen down. So when he saw that she was lying motionless and breathing heavily, he rushed to 'rescue' her by trying to lift her legs with the mat and all. none of us could control our laughter at home. So we advised her not to do yoga when he is around hahhahahhaha he might think she is in pain as he is too young to understand what it is that she is really doing.

  4. I was at library. My friend told me something so I just stood and bent my body across the desk. I didn't know that my other friend pulled my chair. So, when I wanted to sat back, I was fell down. My ass hit a small side of the chair and the chair shot away backward. I was very shy >_<

  5. wow what a lovely bag….this is the second bag I'm in love with apart from your Rabbit across body bag from ASOS ;-). I love bows so this is just perfect for me. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.Funny incident: its funny now but then was very embarrassing for me…we were playing on steps in front of our class in Class X and I got pushed and landed in the large dustbin (which was empty barring few dry autumn leaves) and got stuck with my hands and legs up. My friends were busy laughing so took 5-6 min to pull me out and I became famous as the girl who fell into the dustbin in the entire school. In retrospect its mighty funny though.

  6. Ana

    I don't recall any funny incident in particular, but I used to fall a lot…like I was jumping in a field of tall grass e suddentely I trip on a hidden rock…The bag is so lovely…I wish I win.

  7. one day at the club a cute guy smiled at me and I was very shy but I smiled back after that he madea gesture like, come here… I thought: why not and I did a step and then I recognize that he is talking to another girl :)

  8. Entered a restaurant in style….ordered dry prawns for snacks. This was the first time that my hubby n me were having prawns fr the first time. We ate the prawns with the jackets while the waiter stood dumbstruck! lol and we were cursing the restauran all the time for making such horrible prawns :P

  9. Falling in front of the boy I liked in High School, I was like running down the stairs and felt down, like 3 stairs down and I was using a skirt o///O the shame! I react quick and stand up but my knees where hurt and it was really outstanding -_-! My legs trembled and i couldn´t even walk, a friend took me on his arms and carry me to infirmary and there it was the skirt again wide open to de sight of everyone. Luckly High School was over and the boy, turn out been gay x_x super strange story xD

  10. While my last year trip to Austria I spent whole day looking for a post box in red colour (that's the colour of post boxes in my country), while in Austria they're in YELLOW. Oooops.. :D

  11. once in college i was coming out of the canteen with some grub in my hands and i was not looking straight, in fact i was staring at some people and out of no where i bumped into a crow which was flying right in front of me!!! i was scared out of my wits and and yeah,, i did make everyone present there laugh.p.s : i "heart" your blog

  12. one day i and my friend were in a shopping mall while a cute girl passee by, she pulls the door of the she was entering but it signs pull. she hitted her head in the door and we started laughing not because she was hurt but because she is facing something which we always face

  13. A funny incident?!Now its funny, but the dammage was very expensive :(One day, in the morning, here I go driving to work when I saw something moving on the wheel, a spider||| I hate spiders and I tried to shake her away. Well, I don't know if I shake her or not, if she died or not, because the car stoped on a wall :(The right side of the car has to be all replaced and the tire axis broken.Nothing bad for a spider, right? Till this day I don't understand very much how that happen, but it did happen :(

  14. There was this guy in the college bus sitting behind us with earphones on. The music was blaring from his earphones and we could all listen to the stupid songs he was listening which was very irritating! Suddenly he farted very loudly, almost rhythmically to those beats!! He forgot that he was the only one who could listen to the music so loud and camouflage his fart!! HAHAHAHA. Everyone gave him such a dirty look after that ;)

  15. You mean incidentS?? It seems every time I'm laying down with my boyfriend, my tummy at some point makes these HUGE gurgle sounds. This happens all the time, and I still get embarrassed. xD-Natalia R.

  16. Loved the sling bag, i think it's super cute!Coming to funny incidents,it's hard to jog the memory and think of an apt one, but here's one… My friends and I were eating out at a restaurant and this guy friend was at his funniest best. He dared us, to place our orders in a Haryanvi-accent!:p Gosh, I can't believe how I did that..But once the waiter came,I ended up saying," Hi,could you please get me a grilled 'saaand-vich'(sandwich)…" As if this wasn't enough, the waiter, to my surprise asked me to repeat the order…:p Amidst uncontrollable laughter and constant pestering from friends,I repeated my order- oppa 'Saaaand-vich' style! haha

  17. Funny things always happen to me)Yesterday I was preparing to go out, I chose a white woolen dress, put my red lipstick and bent to zip the boots…And guess what -I managed to kiss myself on the white dress.The other day I wore my new jeans, really tight. I was waiting for my friend in the street, people were staring at me and I beleived I was stunning. Then my friend came and explained that I had my jeans wide open and everybody could see my bright orange lingerie:) And these are not the most embarassing stories)

  18. During my schol days,a boy from my class had a crush on me..every time i spoke or even looked at him,he used to give a give grin or smile continously but i didnt liked it much..Once i was suffering from a bad cold..my nose was blocked and i was hardly able to breath.While speaking to a friend,i looked at him n saw him smiling again..i gave back an unkind forcible frustrated smile n during that i sneezed so bad that due to cold that my nasal waste was all out while he was still looking at me….LOL..Rest is History.!

  19. I told you one today already! Will share anyway! Lol!lets just say:#Thatmomentwhen you're washing your hair, look at your hands and they're bright red, freak out for a few seconds and then remember you dyed your hair red a few days ago. -__-

  20. Someday I saw a asian boy SO BEAUTY but I didn't think that I was beautiful so I walked like a "who don't care about beauty asians" .. but I ended up stumbling .. and he laughed. DD:

  21. This one time, i was at a friend's bday party, we were a bunch of girls and all were sort of high on booze, i remember, i and my friend ended up going to the mens washroom..there was a guy inside..and just imagine what he dd when he saw us..He screamed like a girl… omg..that was hilarious…we ended up laughing like crazies for the next half hour..

  22. I’ll tell u 1 recent incident that had me in splits. I had gone to Bandra for shopping with my sisters. Without realising it was the last day of bandra fair we shopped till late..All tired and with our hands full with day’s shopping we were trying to get a rick back home..But not a single autowala was ready to go to our place…* Believe me mumbai autowalas can piss you of the way no1 can*.. tried stopping 20 of them but no1 even stopped to even listen where we wanted to go…My cousin was so pissed off she almost went and stood in the middle of the road..and autowala went away from the other side…I pulled her back to my side and donno wat happened but i waved to the next auto in slow motion movie style and the autowala in return waved to say no in same slow motion style…and me and my sisters started laughing in the middle of the road night all tired .,..we later went back home walking though … I donno if this sounds funny now but that yes it was very very funny .Long one na??Did I bore you guys??

  23. Such a cute bag!Funny thing happened to me the other day, when I decided to go for a walk in the middle of the night. It's middle of winter here and all the lakes are frozen, except one little spot near my home. Also there's not many birds here this time of the year. I was minding my own business, walking around in the dark, when suddenly heard huge noise .. and 50 ducks appeared out of nowhere ! I slipped on my but and was quite amazed for a while, then just started laughing. Satu Indie by heart

  24. This is an amzing giveaway!I'm an English teacher and I teach in an old school building in Hungary. Yesterday I walked among the desks in the classroom and suddenly slipped on my high heels and almost fell on one of my student :) The class laughed and me too! It was fun :)

  25. I was hanging out at a local coffee shop wit my bestie and she dares me to take the sugar dispenser and bag it and bein the daredevil I was I did it wit such pride -.- and wat does she do? Yells at the top of her voice "she stole it she stole it" and me lucky day the shop was unusually filled with a million people

  26. HiEntered the giveaway and my heart is over this damn cute purse really wish to win and keeping fingers crossed to win !!!!Well, in college I loved to wear high heel footwears so on one of those days, I, with my cat walk, entered the classroom and slipped once….The classroom was filled with all the students and even teacher and every body laughed and then they helped me getting up, so I, again, walked two-three and again slipped and this time, I also laughed, with all the my friends, it was so funny, and even now, when I remember it, I can't stop myself smiling and giggling, funny things and situations happens!!!!

  27. Hi tanks for this amazing oportunity!! :)Funny incident: One day, the father of a friend mine who is very stutter, called the store where we worked and asked if he could talk to his son.I told him: he is not here at the moment but don't worry that as soon as he arrives I'll tell him that Mr João has called.He stuttering even more, asked me very surprised: how do you know that it's me? Ah ah ah i couldn't stop laughing!! It was very funny!! :D

  28. I called my friend Anna and told her all my news, there was silence and then the girl at the other end said "Sorry… I am not Anna" :-)Thank you for the chance!ksyshenka(at)yahoo(dot)com

  29. When I was working as a model in Tokyo, I had a hard time getting jobs for a while. Getting tired of "getting myself ready" for each audition, I just thought "Ah, f*ck it", and went in jeans and an old cut-out t-shirt I made as a teen, with no makeup, and I didn't even brush my hair! lol. So then I stood there at the audition, looking very disinterested, and an hour later, my manager called me to say I got the job, lol.So I guess the lesson is to not bother at all, and good things will happen! Haha.Email: [email protected]

  30. Funny Incident… the funniest and the most embarrassing moment of my life at the same time…I was caught by mom when i was being a little cozy with my guy :O … and how so ever i wanted to drown at that time…. It turns out to be the most hilarious incident today !!!! :P

  31. Hi, thanks for the lovely Giveaway.When I was in school, one day I could not find my book. So, I searched everywhere in the school and even at home. All my friends and teachers also searched for it everywhere in the school. Then at the end of the day, when we were all tired of searching for it and decided to return home, I walked towards my bag and opened it to keep the rest of the books in my bag before going home. But to my astonishment, I saw that the book which we were searching for all this while was there right in my bag. All my friends and teachers laughed at me. This was the funniest incident of my life. My Email Id : [email protected]

  32. Ones some one knok at my door, I thought it was a girl that I kwon and I said "ohhh finally u show up", but it was another girl that was trying to sell something, but she get scared of me and went off

  33. It's so hard for me to get up early in the morning and sometimes I even do not what I'm doing. So, this morning I tries to lock my appartament door with parfume bottle, which I took from the table instead of keys

  34. One morning I left the house in haste, to hang out with my mom's car, hit a car that was parked across the road. I left, I saw that everything was fine and left. Thank God everything was fine!

  35. Cute bag, thanks for the giveaway. I used to slide on stair banisters when I was a kid and one day I couldn't stop when I reached the end and I landed flat on my face, needless to say I learned my lesson.

  36. Well, I've had a few… One time, at the subway, me and my friends were waiting at the platform. When the vehicle arrived, we waited for people to exit before we entered, as is common practice. I was the last one, and suddenly a lady runs out of the subway, pushing me and blocking my path, leaving me outside as the doors shut for good. I was left behind, waving franctically, with my friends glued to the windows. It wasn't funny back then, I had to wait for the next one – but we still laugh over the story!

  37. I went shoping at a store for the last presents for christmas. After paying I was so focused on my own thought and the Christmas-list I left the shop with the shopping card and I only realised it 10 meters later. It was so embarressing XDD

  38. I don't know this is a funny incident or not, but I think so. when I was playing with my nephew, we saw a big dog and quite creepy but strangely he just walked over the dog and give him the passion fruit that he held then said 'gem gem' he means dog's voice 'guk guk' but he says 'gem gem' instantly me and the dog owners laughed. my nephew also laugh at us so, really funny things :DThanks for this beautiful giveaway ya Happy weekened!

  39. I was pacing in the classroom revising for d upcoming test and turned around and slammed into a table and absent mindedly saying sorry..had the whole class laughing at me.

  40. yesterday only i was telling one of my friend how brave i was and suddenly i started shouting seeing a bee… so embarrassing and it showed how brave i was :P

  41. Have happened a lot of funny episodes in my life. One I remember is that I often greet people then found out that they were not who I thought they were! What an embarrassment! :P

  42. thanks for this giveawayemail:[email protected]

  43. I was on the stage with my band in a gig. I was headbanging and when I waved around my hair at the end of the song, it was stuck on the guitar of the guitarist :) We tried hard to save my hair from there and people both laughed and applauded :D

  44. My daughter has a really hard time pronouncing her S's so instead of saying SOCKS she says COCKS :S Now picture sitting at the hospital waiting for the doctor while your daughter runs around asking people if they would like to see her pretty cocks… yah it was all bad.

  45. When I was little I carried the braces moving teeth and an afternoon at my grandmother's house, wrapped it in a handkerchief in the bathroom and went to have a snack. She believed it was a dirty handkerchief, so she took it and threw it in the toilet. Disaster!

  46. oh my god!there are too many accidents happened to me in my life ahahahuhm..i have to think..i think it is funny the first day at university..i had to go to the toilet..so i decided to follow people..but..i went in the toilet for male :D :D it was terrible cause of everyone was looking at me :P

  47. I fell inside a manhole once,not completely though :P.I was hanging by my elbows.My friends started screaming and when they realized i was ok,they all started laughing.It was pretty embarrassing

  48. Thank You for this amazing giveaway! I once used a word which I thought I knew the meaning of but then in the end the word turned out to be an x rated word and I was sooooo embarrassed back then but I laugh now thinking about it and am more careful now with words haha!

  49. Once I was on a picnic with my class mates , one of my classmate (a boy) and I were indulged in a fight . He thought girls were coward . And surely I denied and we bet to ride onto the most horrible ride . We had cameras with us , when we rode on , I screamed because it was so high . And he remained still but laughing to see my screaming face and he recored it . When i saw the video , it was pretty stupid and seeing myself shricking was super funny!

  50. love the bag first.. a time i'll never forget is i went to a party and started talking to an acquaintance and we basically talked all night and when it was time to leave we both realized we didnt really know each other… but now we are "really" friends…

  51. So I went to a local park with my family for a picnic. Me and my brothers were playing and running after each other, I was wearing a long maxi skirt and I fell flat on my face with my parents looking from a distance, my little brothers behind me and a whole lot of strangers looking as well :P anyway I got up and pretented like nothing happend. Also I slipped on our roof once when my brother was chasing me, so I think in both cases, it was my brother's fault, not mine :)

  52. In fact, with me every day there is something very funny, do not even know what to write, I think that if I wrote all the memories that came into my head, it would have been a great book, and several books. :)

  53. When I was a kid I ran towards a couple:i thought they were my parents (the guy was bald and the woman was brunette!!!)……..obiouvsly they weren't LOL!anyway,they actually helped me finding my parents :)

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