♥What’s In My Bag – New Year Edition♥

I haven’t been able to close that much as I wanted to in the last few months. Been busy due to some personal family related moments. And I am not usually the type to buy the latest cosmetics in the market because :
  • My wallet can’t afford it at the moment and
  • I like to get the use of most of my cosmetics and don’t want to end up hoarding lol.
But I would like to entertain you, my lovely readers with ‘What’s in my bag/purse?’ tag post since we all (at least I do) love to know whats in other women’s bag/purse ^_^.  But firstly, before I type more about what exactly I carry in my purse all the time these days, first thing first is the introduction of the lovey cute purse which I am so in love with!

Ladies and Gentlemen, My pretty bunny bag was gifted to me by my father as a 2012 Diwali gift which of course I picked since I don’t trust men’s taste in fashion (at least not when it comes to my lovely daddy dearest lol). Its an ASOS bag called RABBIT ACROSS BODY BAG purchased from the ASOS site HERE. Its one of those bags which I will cherish forever! ^_^

I have received so many compliments by random strangers that they liked my bag. Even an Indian gay dude (hope I am not wrong lol) in Khan Market in Delhi stopped for a second to point out that he liked my bag so that totally made my day haha.
For me the design and the quality of the bag is very important while picking a bag/purse for myself. I hate the fact that if I step out of the house and find another person with the same bag. More of annoying factor lol. Great thing about this is that I won’t easily find another person with the same bag around here where I live XD.
I like how the important stuff which I need can easily be fitted in this small bag. Since my wallet is too big for my jean’s pocket, I love how it easily fits in this bag since its my favorite wallet of all time.
I thought I would number it but then you all know what a pen looks like and how a wallet looks like lol. Too lazy to do all that for now. The brown leather wallet you see is one of my favorite wallet of all time. Its a HIDESIGN leather wallet which I purchased 2 – 3 years back. Really love the quality and I recommend HIDESIGN wallets to everyone! ^_^
Of course I can’t leave home without my Kindle! I won this as a 3rd Prize for my Indi Blogger – Pantene Nature Fusion Bloggers Event Post few months back. I have noticed that I hardly use my iPod any more while traveling. All read read read! And love how snugly it perfectly fits in my ASOS Rabbit Across Body Bag.
My favorite pink pen which you never know when you need it, specially in a bank!
My favorite lip balm at the moment is the Cranberry Joy from The Body Shop, from their limited 2012 Christmas edition.
My wooden comb from The Body Shop cause I can’t stand messy hair for long XD. This one is 1-2 years old.
My Zuci Strawberry Hand Sanitizer which I purchased it from The NewU Store.
That blue square thing which you see are mints. I received it in an event which I attended few months back. I never blogged about that because it wasn’t beauty related and was super boring.
My blog’s business card.
A tissue paper.
And an Envirosax foldable shopping bag. I just recently purchased this online. Haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet. I hate plastic bags and the malls asks for Rs.5/- for a bag when you shop from one of those Lifestyle, Shopper’s Stop, Pantaloons, Westside etc. So that’s why I invested in a reusable shopping bag. And these things don’t take that much space. Its like a bag with in a bag with in a bag just like BAG INCEPTION! lol.
I have seen these before in Indian online stores so I Googled the brand name and found out its a big hit in the U.S, Canada, U.K etc. Different online stores in India are selling these in different prices. The main tag says Rs.490/- but since I was comparing it with others I found the design which I was looking for in FlipKart and they were selling it for Rs.343/- including free shipping.
Thank You for reading,
x o,
B h a r t i









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  1. bunny bag is cute.. I like re-usable bag too.. I never though of keeping one in my bag for unplanned shopping.. now with no plastic bags this will be great help

  2. Bharti your Bunny Bag is a serious HIT!!! I hope you dad knows how well appreciated is his bag :)Absolutely loved the idea of a reusable bag…Am surprised that this cute beauty blogger (YOU) doesn't keep a mirror or compact in her bag ;)

    • Haha, I only try to carry the stuff which I end up using all the time. I am usually not into powder make up and I usually try to be safe with the usual make up I am wearing or else there are always bathrooms with mirrors and cars with their mirrors near by where ever I would be lol.

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