♥Forrest Essentials – REPLENISHING FACIAL GEL – Panchpushp♥

Replenishing Facial Gel
Rs.1175/- for 1.7oz / e 50g 
Suitable for all skin types. 
A purifying gel made from fresh Aloe Vera and distilled water of five flowers including Rose, Jasmine, Saffron, Marigold and Kevda. 

Use a small amount as light moisturizer in the day after cleansing and toning. 
The packaging is pretty sturdy and travel friendly. The container tub is made out of plastic so its light weight at the same time you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping it and end up breaking it. Comes in a pretty looking brown cardboard box as if it was gift wrapped just for you. 
The scent is little bit strong but not in an annoying way. Since all the ingredients is all natural so the scent doesn’t feel fake. Once its on the face, the scent doesn’t linger on for long. Smells flowery and personally if you ask me, very Indian feel to the scent of this product. The gel has orange color and feels like Jello but spreads easily and skin absorbs the gel very fast once you massaged it all over the face and neck. But yes, its a perfumy product and I know some people can’t stand scented skin care products so I would suggest that you try it in their shops and see your nose can tolerate the scent of this product before purchasing it.
This is more like a moisturizer for the day time. Its a very light feeling kind of moisturizer so it perfect for Indian hot climate weather. It doesn’t have an SPF. It gives a nice cool feeling to the face for few seconds once applied. Usually I stay away from ‘Ayurvedic’ and ‘100% Natural’ skin care products because I usually have bad luck with them and get bad reaction so I was kind of scared to even try this.  
This was my first time ever using a product from the Forest Essential brand. This was actually gifted to me by a relative so that is why I ended up trying this out or else I usually don’t end up in a ‘all natural’ skin care shop.
Surprisingly, when I tried it for the first time, it did not sting my cheeks since my skin is very sensitive. Its a nice light moisturizer so even an oily skin type person might like this as well. I apply more of this on my cheek area since my cheek is a very dry part of my combination face.
In the end, did not do any drastic change for my face. No negative and positive result. Just the usual nice moisturized feeling. My face felt very soft and smooth with moisturizing feeling and that is all I noticed with this product. Great thing is that its all natural ingredients in this product so even psychologically speaking, it gives a nice relax few seconds of ‘spa’ kind of moment for the face. I really liked this product in the end because it feels super light and since its in a gel form you only need tiny bit and a little goes a long way ^_^. 
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