Cambridge Satchel Side Pocket Traveller Bag


I think I can finally say it out loud that I have an obsession with black bags! Same last year in January 2017 also I ended up buying a black cross body bag by Hidesign brand. And now for 2018 first new bag of this year another cross body black bag! Do you see the pattern here? I see it very well as well lol. I mean, the obsession with a black bag makes sense for practical reasons. For example, it goes so well with almost all kinds of outfits, occasions and locations! A fuss free decision over what bag to choose in the end of the day plus, I find black leather bags very very sexy in deed.

Like you all know by now how much I love shopping from website and thats for a reason. They have amazing sales almost all the time and they have advance custom payment option along with free international shipping if your order is 100$ and above! So overall, my order reached me with in 3-4 days time all the way from U.S.A! How amazing is that?


I was just randomly browsing the website one day and came across this beautiful satchel hand bag by Cambridge Satchel Company brand. Since last few years I have been eyeing their bags but I wasn’t sure which style to go for until recently this bag showed up in the website. That time I didn’t end up buying it because I wasn’t ready to pay 300$ full price for this bag but until recently this bag was on sale for 180$ not only that but the customs I paid for this bag came upto 18.54$ including free international shipping! So basically the whole thing came for total of 198.54$ so thats a pretty good deal indeed ^_^.

About the brand – British label Cambridge Satchel was born of necessity in 2008, when mother-daughter duo Freda Thomas and Julie Deane were searching for a way to raise money for school. Inspired by vintage Oxford and Cambridge school satchels and the bags in the Harry Potter films, they created a messenger that was both traditional and eclectic. The cross-body bag became a hit with fashion bloggers and the company now offers a range of sizes, styles, and wild colors. Cambridge Satchel bags define classic, with a twist.

The Side Pocket Traveller Bag by Cambridge Satchel is made out of cowhide leather just like all their other bags and its made the UK. The quality of the leather is very nice, its a very sturdy bag and what I really like is that it doesn’t get easily scratched! I hate babying my bag and this one seems like it handled it well so I really like that.

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