My Gangtok, Sikkim Trip With Videos

Hi guys, I realised that I haven’t blogged since almost 3 weeks now. I’ve been busy lately trying to take care of few things, travelling and trying to make some content for my blog and YouTube channel. Honestly speaking I had a writers block as well because this kind of work needs loads of creativity and ideas so me spending some time in Gangtok, Sikkim was a great chance for me to vlog, relax and unwind.

I never been to Gangtok, Sikkim so when my dear friend Titi offered me to crash at her place I couldn’t say no. From 2nd to 8th Sept I stayed in Gangtok, Sikkim and my stay went very well all thanks to my friend Titi and her lovely family and friends.

These are some of my gadgets I took with me, Polaroid Cube Plus, Macbook Pro, Portable Hard Disk, Fujifilm Instax 300 Wide Camera. And my red Herschel Supply Co. Backpack.

Luggage : Herschel Suppy Co. | Handbag : Madewell | Shoes : DKNY | Leggings : Decathlon | T shirt : Chimp Wear | Denim Jacket : Calvin Klien Jeans | Backpack : Herschel Suppy Co.

If you are a fan of lush greenery, fresh air and nice people around you along with delicious momos then you would love Gangtok, Sikkim! Beautiful place, very nice people and delicious food in affordable price rate compared to Delhi, this place is pocket friendly for some amazing food.

Child Care Institute – Bojoghari Children Welfare Society (home for destitute orphan and differently abled children) Regd, Serial No.2416, Vol. No.1 J.J Act. 014/CH/SJE & WD

Mobile # +91 – 9735296791, +91 8348106693, +91 977557379

We went to an orphanage the next day because it was TiTi friend’s birthday. The kids were so lovely and sweet. I really am a true believer for adopting a child, I feel if you can adopt one child and give him/her a home is very good and if you can’t adopt at this moment then volunteer by donating food, school supplies, education or even some money.

We went to the Sikkim Himalayan Zoological Park I would highly recommend you guys to try visiting this place if you ever plan to visit Gangtok. Warning though, loads of walking involved so do make sure to wear your comfortable walking shoes. The tickets are very affordable. INR 25/- each for an adult.

Address: Bulbulay, East Sikkim, Gangtok, Sikkim 737103

Timings: 9 am to 4 pm.

Phone: 03592 281 188

I really loved hanging out at M.G Marg, Gangtok, Sikkim. This place had some amazing cozy cafes to chill out. My favourite was the Baker’s Cafe, there is this place which is my favourite place to sit because the window has a lovely view.

I really loved their Herbal Chinese Tea and Blueberry Muffin. Not shown here but I tried their Irish Coffee as well later again and that was also pretty good.

TiTi showed me around few monasteries and it was our lucky day, there was a special dance going on because it was Deity Day.

I would really like to thank TiTi a.k.a Tshering from Titi’s Corner for hosting my stay at her place and taking her time out for me to show me around Gangtok. Her friends and family were lovely and I truly enjoyed my stay over there. I will never forget the amazing memories over there ^_^. It was really fun sharing a space with another person who enjoys makeup like I do.

If you don’t know her, she is an Indian Beauty Youtuber from Gangtok, Sikkim. We have been friends since few years now and while she was staying in Delhi we used to often meet and hangout but now she has permanently shifted to Gangtok, Sikkim. Please do check out her YouTube channel, I’m sure you would love her work like I do ^_^.

Thats me trying out TiTi’s glasses. I loved her glasses but sadly its not easily available since she got it from a store near her and the brand name is not visible. That was the last day for me over there, early morning having breakfast before I head out to a long road journey for Siliguri – Bagdogra Airport to catch my flight back home to Delhi.

That was my shopping, trying to pack the alcohol bottles and the Wai Wai noodles. I ended up purchasing some local whiskeys made in Sikkim which was not planned. The miniature alcohol already finished while I’m typing here. I shared it with my friends when I hosted a small dinner get together at Lionel’s place. Wai Wai is not easily available in North India and I couldn’t find it online in Amazon India that time so I ended up purchasing loads of Wai Wai. Good news is that now Wai Wai is available on Amazon India for INR 60 for 5 Packets of Wai Wai.

Well, that’s it folks for today. Hope you enjoy the vlogs and it would really mean a lot if you subscribe to my YouTube channel ^_^.

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