A Day Filled with Fun Featuring Spinz Tan Remover!

0one Here’s another OOTD {Outfit Of The Day} post, this time featuring Spinz Tan Remover! But first lets talk about this outfit in this post ^_^. In my last previous post I had mentioned that while I was doing my Sarojni Nagar clothes shopping, my left ankle sprained and for two weeks I couldn’t wear any kind of shoes with heels. Plus, for two weeks I couldn’t blog much because I was busy with some personal matters which I don’t feel comfortable right now to share.

Finally, when things had kind of calm down in my life, I finally had got some time to go out for a movie date and this is what I decided to wear.



TOP: thrifted shirt from Sarojini Nagar Market

PANTS: Kraus Jeggings in black  {altered}

SHOES: ELIE shoes by Steve Madden

BAG: Bedford Flap Cross Body Bag By MICHAEL Michael Kors

ON MY LIPS: Riri Woo lipstick by MAC {limited edition}


Had went to watch Jurassic World movie few days back, as a 90’s kid who grew up watching all the other Jurassic movies I was really glad when I found out that others found this movie worth watching so, I finally decided to lets go watch this! And oh boy, it was a fun watch! Totally worth watching it in the cinemas. But one thing really bothered me about that movie was that the main heroin through out the whole movie was running for her life in heels!! Yes, heels! Hollywood really knows how to put pressure on women to expect them to run in heels.



011 Today’s post has bought to you by Spinz Sun Tan Remover which is an instant de-tan cream for achieving radiant skin! Which has no bleach and is a wash-off cream. Dermatologically tested for all skin types.

PRICE: INR 89/- for 50g of product.


STEP 1 – Tale about 9 gm of the cream in your hand.

STEP 2 – Apply generously to form a thick layer on your face. Avoid the area around the eyes.

Once the cream has been applied on the tanned area let it work its magic. Leave it on your skin for 5 minutes.

STEP 3 – After 5 minutes wash away the cream with water and pat it dry.

Now that I’ve told you how my date went, let me tell you a bit about my new skincare routine before I headed out to dinner with friends. So after spending the day in the sun, I took out my Spinz Sun Tan Remover.

I always face a problem of having tan lines on my feet whenever I wear these heels or any footwear with crisscross strapes. That is what prompted me to buy a 50gm tube of Spinz Sun Tan Remover when I saw it on shelf. Let’s just say I was curious!

It says it is an instant sun tan removal cream for achieving radiant skin! It has no bleach and is a wash-off cream. .I tried a portion of the cream on my feet first and found it quite effective, and then I tried it on my face.  I can happily say –it’s like having a facial done at home!

Like a 3 hour long facial my skin was de-tanned and radiant in just 10 minutes! My friends at dinner could not believe that I had spent a grueling day in the sun!

Since the days have been hot recently and we are out and about all the time, the uneven tanning on our skin can get kind of annoying. I’m always on the lookout for a safe, easy solution, I was thrilled to find out that Spinz Sun Tan Remover didn’t contain bleach which we all know can be harmful.

Many women go for bleaching their face once a month or so during their facial visits to the parlour and that can become harmful in the long run cause of the strong chemical properties which is used for bleaching the skin.

But Spinz Sun Tan Remover is made of Lemon, Honey and Milk as key ingredients.

You can use this on your face but also on tanned arms and legs too.

It’s an affordable product and I really liked the scent too. So head to the store and get your own for a lovely facial at home!