My Laser Hair Removal Experience at Kaya Skin Clinic

laser hair removal Options these days for hair removal is threading, waxing, shaving, hair removal creams and laser. Few months back I was offered 3 sessions of Laser Hair Removal for the underarms at the Kaya Skin Clinic center so I could blog about my experience and if I recommend this to my readers or not.

For those of you who don’t know what Laser Hair Removal is. Its basically the process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle.

Kaya Skin Clinic offers Laser Hair Removal packages for whatever body part hair removal you want to do and each package has 6 sessions are included. Each session done once a month.

What to expect when you go for laser hair removal:

This was my first time getting any kind of laser hair removal done so I did my research online by Googling for information. Research is always good, helps you be prepared and get to know what to expect.

First thing you need to do is to not shave or wax that body part where your planning to get lasered for hair removal.

When I went to Kaya Skin Clinic for laser hair removal, I was greeted with a smile and they served me their signature Kaya drink which tasted like apple cinnamon sweet chilled water.

After that, I entered one their cubical rooms where the laser hair removal machine was. The Kaya lady handed me a changing gawn to change into. She told me to lie down and relax.

She was polite and gentle with me and she kept on explaining me what she was about to do next. First she cleaned my underarms with what felt like a wet wipe and then applied shaving cream/gel and shaved my underarms. After that she used some kind of a cooling pack/ice on my shaved underarms to numb the area.

Once that was done she gave me one of those protective eye goggles so my eyes would be protected from the laser. And after that she applied some sort of gel on my now slightly numbed underarm and told me that now she is going to laser off my underarm area.

For underarms the whole laser removal was done with in 10-15 minutes time.

What to expect after laser hair removal:

At first once the laser hair removal is done, not to expect over night result. The next day the hair is will grow back but with in a week or so depending on a person’s hair growth level. Once its grown later on that hair will automatically fall off by its own. A session is done once after a month’s gap.

Kaya Skin Clinic provides 8 sessions for any of the laser hair removal package you choose for any body part.

And great news is that for first timers who are curious about laser hair removal then they can try it on their underarm at a cost of INR 85/- at a Kaya Skin Clinic near you! {Just call them up and ask about the details and the terms and conditions}. And you can upgrade this package and pay INR 7999/- for 6 sessions.

Avail over 40% discount on full body laser from May 1st till 15th July 2014.

Combine your underarm package with one laser service package and get a minimum 25% discount all through the months of April – May!

So find a Kaya Skin Clinic near you! Click Here.


Its been a while that my second session was done. I will keep on blogging about this and posting the updates of this experience soon. Laser is not painful at all, little tiny prickle of zapping which is less painful then waxing. I am planning to get my third session done by end of this month and will blog again about this again.

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Disclaimer: services were provided by the clinic for blogging purpose.
  • thanks for bringing just informative posts 🙂

  • Waxing is very painful for me so I’ve always wanted to try laser on my underarms. Does laser also reduce the darkening of underarm area?

  • mahesh

    how the hairs are comming now soft or rough

  • Thanks for sharing the review because I am searching best clinic for laser treatment.

  • Soumya Sodhi

    I have taken painfree laser hair removal from kaya. Complete 6 sittings. So I am in a position to rate kaya’s hair removal.
    They will sell you a package on their whim, not caring about what will suit you. Because higher sale gives them a higher commission. It is a very unscrupulous policy. As the staff will only care about their commission and not your well being.
    Kaya’s laser does not work. I have only 20% or may be a little less, reduction in hair. And more hair growth on areas which had fine hair. On complaining, I was told later that it is a side effect of kaya’s laser.
    For rest of my review you can follow this link:

    And trust me, do not go to kaya ever. Rather go to some established dermatologist. They will help you in a much better way and in way less money than you will spend at kaya.

  • Nisha Jain

    Nice post!! Even I want to share something.. I’ve had laser hair removal done from kaya skin clinic two months back. Initially, I was very scared but i saw many reviews about laser hair removal at kaya and decided to get it done. Once I was done with all the sessions I felt like wow finally i am free from my unwanted body hair.

  • Shikha Kumar

    This is a great review, Bharti. Always wanted to try out Kaya’s laser hair reduction treatment and your pleasant experience makes me want to try it out. Any idea about the Kaya clinics in Bangalore? I’ll be shifting to the city for my job next month and want to know the reviews of these services there.