Mini Haul plus an OOTD Doggie!

(from left to right)
DOVE Beauty Body Wash – Fresh Moisture – Hydrating Milk Cucumber & Green Tea Scent
200ml for Rs.125/-
180g for Rs150/-
90ml for Rs.69/-
I bought these from my local shop near where I live. These days I am going for small bottles of shampoos and conditioners because I like to switch them all the time. Love to try different kinds of hair products in the market, specially after being a Beauty Blogger lol. 
I was sniffing out some body washes in my local market. There is this shop where they even have some imported shower gels so I like to go to the shop and sniff their shower gels whenever I can lol. I was so addicted to The Body Shop shower gels but now I kind of got bored of them. I want to give some chance to the local products in the market now. That shop even had the FREEMAN shower gels! 
One was Chocolate Mint which smelled exactly like the AFTER 8 Chocolates!! 
And the other one was Caramel Vanilla Swirl which smelled divine too for a CAKE!! lol. 
My Father was like “Do you really want to smell like a Cake?” 
And I was like “No…” lol. 
I swear they smelled divine for a CAKE and if your into food smelling body washes then do give these a try. I forgot how much they were for so, sorry can’t help you on that one! (But if your ‘dieting’ at the moment then it would be a bad idea to go for food scented products! lol)
These days I am into CLEAN scents so in the end I chose  this DOVE Cucumber & Green Tea Scent one ^_^.
Doggie OOTD!! 
His fashion taste is like no other I swear! lol. 
PS: Do comment down below of your favorite current Shower gel/Body Wash you are currently using! ^_^.
  • Anonymous

    oh wow… what a lovely OOTD.. u made my day… LOL…

  • How is doggie doing? Sny improvements?

  • Lovely OOTD 🙂 Why is he lying down in both the pics? Is he alright Bharti?

    • Doggie all fine Lancy ^_^. He was sleeping. He loves to lay and snooze most of the days and night.

  • Lovely OOTD :D. I am currently using Lush its raining men shower gel

  • I came here for your dog's pic! Hehe.. Today only i was thinking about buying this shampoo! Then i saw Loreal's Elvive Yellow with free conditioner. Ofcuz i got the one with free conditioner. 🙂 Do let me know if this shampoo works out for you.

    • lol. Nothing can beat the free stuff I guess lol. Sure, I will let you know ^_^.

  • same as too came by for the doggie ootd… :-* ( i have a doggie too,but since i stay away from home I miss her so badly now 🙁 )

    • aww, may you be reunited with your doggie soon!

  • Hair Fall therapy was going top be my next buy… and doggy looks so preteeh in black and green combination..!!! <#

    • I am really liking the packaging of this Loreal one. Thank You Jiya ^_^.

  • i thought for a moment that your doggy is sick then saw Lancy's comments..

    • my doggie is not sick. He is all well and good. He was sleeping when I clicked his photos.

  • That's fine 🙂 My tommy never allows me to take such OOTD pics 😛 Your doggie is sooo sweet and calm 🙂

  • Aww thats soo cute….looks like a green cape for your Superdog! :DI'm using the Palmolive blue granular body wash…drufted away from it, used Olay for the winters but now back to this….it has sea salts and is nice and mildly gritty for the summer goop 😀

  • va

    loreal and unilever still tests on animals . just to let you know , thanks .