Nykaa Cookie Crumble Nail Enamel Review INR 199/-

Hi guys, I realised this review has been pending for so long in my draft. Yesterday I blogged after one whole month! In the mean time when I was trying to keep my instagram account and my YouTube channel functioning, I realised I neglected my blog for a month. I will try not to do this again but it does feel good to start blogging again ^_^.

Here in this post I have the Cookie Crumble Nail Paints by Nykaa for review, these costs INR 199/- each. These are easily available on the Nykaa.com website.

The Nykaa Cookie Crumble Nail Paints comes in 7 beautiful bright shades. I ended up buying 3 shades from this range.

This is more of a nude shade for me, I like this for my nails.

#192 Vanilla Crisps is the first shade I got attracted to when I saw the swatches online on Instagram. I really love anything white for my toe nails. I have this on my toes and I love how this color looks when its applied on toe nails.

I never thought I would like #193 Frosted Lemon so much, its a very pretty shade, people who are into green colour would like this. This shade reminds me of the insides of the avocado.

Overall, I really like the formula of this nail paint. This nail paint has a glossy finish and has a slight gritty texture once it dries and sets on the nails. Because of it’s gritty texture the Cookie Crumble nail paints doesn’t chip easily and lasts longer compared to normal glossy nail paints.

I really liked this range and I’m really impressed by how Nykaa is changing the nail game here in India by launching some amazing shades in different formulas. The prices are reasonable and the nail paints are very easily available for purchase online.

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