ShopBop’s First Sale of 2018

When it comes to sales, no one does it better like how ShopBop does. As I’ve mentioned it in the past, how I really like to take advantage of their big sales. Great news is that their Designer Sale On Sale has just started and will end by 25th January 2018 PT.

So make sure to check out their Designer Boutique Sale and use code GETLUXE to avail an extra 25% off on the sale items!

I always keep a look out whenever Shopbop does their big sales and just recently I managed to get my hands on Side Pocket Traveller Cambridge Satchel Bag which was on sale that time. I managed to get this bag in half the price! Not only that but I really like to inform you all whenever sales happen so that you can also take when the time comes.

The great thing about Shopbop is that they have advance custom payment option while checking out and not only that Shopbop offers free international shipping if your order is above 100$. Whenever I order from them, my package reaches me with 3-4 working days time. And I really like their advance custom payment option, I always choose to pay customs in advance so that my order reaches me fast without custom drama.

The Designer Boutique Sale end 25th January 2018 PT so make sure not to miss a chance, use code GETLUXE to avail extra 25% off on sale items!

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